People with experience of homelessness often face barriers in life. They may lack the skills needed to maintain a tenancy, or they could have other problems which can make it hard to adjust to living somewhere new.

We treat every person as an individual. The support we give can include anything, from:

  • Helping people to deal with deep-rooted problems like drug or alcohol misuse or mental health issues
  • Accompanying people to GP and health appointments
  • Support to make contact with family and friends
  • Practical guidance on living independently
  • Informal advice on healthy eating and safety in the home

Some of our support is tailored to specific needs. SmartShare for Care Leavers is specially designed for young people with higher support needs. We provide intensive support and housing management to help people with their underlying problems and encourage them to improve their skills.

Everyone who uses our services is different. That is why we offer different levels of support within all of our housing services.


Ian has stopped using drugs and is living a much healthier lifestyle

Kat now has a suitable home for herself and her baby

Steve has stopped drinking and was supported to move into a flat of his own

Personalised support means Alan is looking forward to moving to more suitable housing

Derventio's housing and support services helped Jules out of a frightening situation