Chloe's Story


Chloe’s life might have been very different if she hadn’t found Derventio

The second time he attacked her, Chloe finally plucked up the courage to report her abusive boyfriend to the police. This attack had been so severe that she had ended up in hospital for three months. At 25 years old Chloe knew that she could no longer live her life like this.

Finally free from his abuse, Chloe now had to find somewhere new to live.  She had lived with her boyfriend for a long time, and didn’t have very much experience of renting and dealing with landlords.

But she was delighted when she found a room available to rent in a house with two other women of about her age. What a perfect chance for a new start.  She moved in straight-away based on a verbal agreement with the landlord.

Things started well, but Chloe soon found herself struggling to keep up with the rent payments. She was asked to leave immediately. Because there had been no written contract there was nothing she could do but go.

Feeling vulnerable and desperate, Chloe went to the council looking for help. She was referred to Derventio.

Chloe is now sharing a lovely, secure home with one other person who she gets on with very well. The project also provides tenancy support, so there is no risk that Chloe will become homeless or go back to an insecure tenancy.

Her ex-boyfriend received a prison sentence of 14 years. Chloe is truly grateful for the help.

“If it were not for Derventio I could now be homeless, living rough and in fear for my life."

We have used a stock photo and changed Chloe's name to protect her anonymity.