Ian's Story

Ian's Story

Ian has stopped using drugs and is living a much healthier lifestyle

"I was taking drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine and at first I became quite poorly with it and was hospitalised. Fiona was my housing officer and she was really helpful to me when I was in crisis.

"She made a referral to Derventio's support coach service so I could get some extra help and support. Laura came to see me for an assessment and I remember asking her to urgently help me to get off the drugs.

"Laura made a referral to a drug treatment centre and attended all my appointments with me. I was prescribed methadone to help me come off the drugs. During this time I also had to attend court and I was convinced I would get sent to prison. However this was not the case and instead I was given a 12 week suspended sentence and this gave me more motivation to come off the drugs as I was still smoking some crack cocaine on top of my methadone.

"I asked Fiona and Laura if I could move to an area out of Derby so that I could start afresh and get away from the drugs and the people I was seeing at the time. Laura also discussed with me about attending the Growing Lives project and said she felt I would benefit a lot from this as there was so much to do there to keep me busy both mentally and physically.

"Since moving to the new property and starting at Growing Lives I have become so much more positive. I am not using any drugs, I am eating so much better and I am really enjoying my time here."

We have used a stock photo to protect Ian's anonymity.