Alan's Story

Alan's Story

Personalised support means Alan is looking forward to moving to more suitable housing

Alan has been living in Derventio Housing Trust supported accommodation for four years. He suffers from PTSD and several mental health conditions including Paranoid Schizophrenia. This has made it difficult for him to maintain his housing and care for himself. There have been times when has really struggled with his motivation and his mental health has been close to crisis point.

For the past eight months, Derventio’s support coaches have been working with Alan. Support coaches provide additional support for people living in our properties who need that extra help to maintain their accommodation and successfully navigate the benefits system and other health and social care services.

The main goal for Alan was to secure social care funding so that he could move to housing that is more able to meet his mental health needs. After several interviews for Alan and lots of perseverance the support coaches successfully secured the funding for Alan’s accommodation and care. Alan is now able to move to suitable accommodation with a 24 hour support plan in place.

We have used a stock photo and changed Alan's name to protect his anonymity.