Matt's Story

Matt's Story

Matt lost his partner, his carer and his home all at once

When we first met Matt he was in the Royal Derby Hospital receiving treatment for kidney failure. He had also just become homeless.

His relationship with his partner had ended, and Matt had no rights to the home they had lived in together. To make matters worse, Matt’s now ex-partner was also his only carer. He was now not only homeless but had no services or support networks in place.

Because of his health problems, Matt had limited mobility and needed kidney dialysis treatment five times a week. He had never lived independently before. Matt was ready to be discharged from hospital, but doctors couldn’t let him go without a care and support package and suitable accommodation to move into.

Healthy Futures staff found Matt a one-bedroom bungalow with the necessary adaptations through local social housing provider, Derby Homes. However, the property would not be ready for two weeks.

Matt was very apprehensive about leaving hospital and living on his own, and had even talked about suicide. Healthy Futures staff arranged for Matt to be assessed by the Mental Health Team at the hospital. This showed that he didn’t have a mental health issue, and that Matt’s anxiety was caused by his current situation.

The Healthy Futures team did everything they could to prepare Matt for the move, giving him lots of positive affirmation and support. They liaised with the Hospital Adult Social Care Team (ASC) and Derby Homes to make sure all the equipment and furniture was in place in time for moving day.

Matt is now settled into his bungalow with a full furniture pack and tenancy support from Derby Homes. He has social care visits twice a day.

Healthy Futures staff informed his GP and pharmacist of Matt’s new address and arranged pharmacy deliveries. They also referred him to Care Line for further enhancements to his support.

Now that he had a home and support in place, Healthy Futures was able to withdraw its support to Matt. He was content that he was getting all the support he needed.

A month later and Matt is settling into his home and managing his health well. He is getting much more confident in dealing with day to day issues and living independently.

We have changed Matt's name to protect his anonymity.