The People We Work With

A young woman smiling at the camera The people we work with come from a variety of backgrounds and all have their own story to tell. Many of them face multiple barriers, including poverty, mental ill health, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal behaviour, poor family relationships, domestic violence or lack of life skills.

At Derventio Housing Trust we work with each person who uses our services to help them build a positive future.

We are here to help people by:

  • Preventing homelessness in the first place
  • Supporting people to move off the streets and eventually into their own home
  • Inspiring ambition and raising expectations
  • Improving skills and educational attainment leading to work
  • Enhancing people’s creative spirit
  • Helping people to maintain independent living

Involving People

A man holding up a sad and happy yellow smiley face We listen to the people we work with, and make decisions about their future and next steps. We want everyone to be involved every step of the way. This makes sure our services always meet the needs of the people they are there for. It also makes people feel valued and worthwhile and subsequently empowers them to make better life choices.

There are many ways for people to get involved and have their say, including resident and house meetings, annual satisfaction surveys and consultations on ideas and developments such as handbooks.

Equality and Diversity

Derventio Housing Trust strives to create an environment in which every individual can feel welcome as a whole person in their own right, and in which they are treated with fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy.

We are committed to promote equality and diversity, and to challenge discrimination and lack of opportunity through our services and where we have influence.

We aim to make equal opportunities relevant to everyone.