Fundraising & Events in the Community

To help support our mission, Derventio Housing Trust works with the community to raise awareness and funds to help homeless people.

Students from Ripley Academy presenting boxes of donations Homelessness is a big issue in our community, affecting thousands of people each year. Being homeless can have devastating effects on an individual, touching all aspects of their life including relationships and health.

We encourage people and groups in the community to get involved and help us fundraise and raise awareness so that Derventio Housing Trust can continue to carry out valuable work supporting those people who are affected by homelessness.

Key Achievements & Activities

  • You have donated more than £100,000 to directly help people in housing need. The money has helped us to provide ongoing support to local people. Many people have also given essential items and these make all the difference to people who have nothing..
  • Every year since 2008 we have been joined by people in Derby and beyond to mark Homeless Sunday at Derby Cathedral - an opportunity to reflect on issues surrounding homelessness and consider what we can do to help.
  • Key figures and groups in the community, including local schools, churches and businesses, councillors, MPs and local dignitaries have worked with us and shown their support.
  • The community and supporters have come together to have fun and raise awareness of homelessness issues at various events.
  • Support for our annual Winter Appeal has helped us to highlight particular homeless and housing issues and attract support and funding so we can directly address these problems.

Check out our Take Action pages to find out how you can get involved in supporting our work. Whether you attend an event, join in the conversation or make a donation, you can change people's lives.

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