Andrew's Story

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Since leaving prison, Andrew has successfully found employment and is looking forward to his future

Andrew was not in a good place. He was addicted to alcohol and his relationship with his partner was very volatile. Everything came to a head when he was violent towards her and ended up in prison.

Today, life is looking a lot brighter.

Andrew came to the Opportunity and Change programme with a determination to turn his life around. Before prison he had 20 years' experience as a forklift truck driver and was about to start training as a supervisor. Andrew's Navigator worked with him to create a plan and helped him to improve his CV and access funding for a forklift refresher course.

Andrew was very proactive in searching for work and managed to get an interview with a local agency. He told them about his refresher course and the experience and knowledge he has already has in operating forklift trucks. The agency quickly snapped him up.

Andrew has now been happily in employment for three months. He has also completed his refresher course.

"I am really grateful for all the help and support I have been given by the project, it's like getting a second chance."

Andrew no longer needs support from the programme and his substance dependency has reduced dramatically. He is now in a stable relationship, continues to see his probation worker and is looking forward to the future.

We have changed Andrew's name to protect his anonymity.