Anton's Story

Anton's Story

Anton has thrived as part of the Talent Match Young and Successful programme

Since being part of Young and Successful , 25 year-old Anton has achieved three qualifications and been highly involved with the programme, including being on the interview panel for new members of staff and a member of the Project Delivery Board.

"Before Talent Match my enthusiasm was non-existent and my motivation was low because of my depression. Talent Match helped me turn around my self-loathing to a much-needed high and I gained much more than help with employment - I gained the confidence to speak up and continue with the goals set out at the beginning of my journey.

"Talent Match has built me up from the ground, reinforcing me with confidence and motivation, and putting me on courses that I needed rather than courses that had no impact on me or any relevance with my life goals.

"Work experience taught me to be sociable again and open up to others. Being part of the Project Board has kept my confidence up. I always challenge what is said and I am grateful my comments are taken to heart. I am now on track to achieve my goals and ambitions because of the help and support Talent Match has provided."

Anna, Anton's Peer Mentor said: "Anton has really come out of his shell. He's happy, punctual and enthusiastic. Things are more positive for him now. He's very helpful and open. At the start he was quite closed but now he is a different person. The walls have come down and he has so much potential."

Hub Coordinator Julie added: "Anton has worked so hard and strives to achieve in all that he does. I'm so pleased we have the opportunity to help him on his journey."

Update: Anton has been so successful that he is now employed on the Talent Match team and is using his experience to support new participants in his role as Peer Mentor. Congratulations to him for his hard work and determination.