Sophie's Story

18-year-old Sophie was depressed and suicidal. She is now looking forward to a new home for her and her baby

Sophie had been in care since she was 13. Life at home had been difficult due to her mum's severe mental health issues. She had not known her father and grew up believing that he was a bad person. When she obtained his records from social services she discovered that this was not true.

Sophie now speaks to her father, but is finding it difficult to build a relationship with the man she spent so many years thinking was the enemy.

When she came to Derventio at 18, Sophie was depressed and suicidal. As well as the difficulties with her father Sophie had left care with nowhere to go and was pregnant.

Now that she's in a Derventio home things are a lot better. Her support worker has spent a lot of time with Sophie, listening and talking through her issues together. After a medical interview Sophie's benefits have increased and she can now buy things for the baby. Before, she could barely afford to eat and had to rely on food parcels. Now she excitedly shows her new baby items to her support worker whenever she visits.

Derventio Housing Trust doesn't house children, so with our help, Sophie was put onto the waiting list for a home. She had some worries about moving out and what things would be like once the baby is born. Sophie's support worker explained to her where she can go for help if she has any problems.

Derventio continued to support Sophie for the first few weeks when she moved on, helping her with a furniture pack and providing support until she was settled in, ready to live independently and knew where to go for help or support if she needs it.

We have used a stock photo and changed Sophie's name to protect her anonymity.